Another Day

Screenshot of "Another Day"
“Another Day” by Kristi Jimenez, Sasha Ines, Cats on a Lilypad Studios, m., FaeField Productions (Scott Sherman & Orpheo Fenn), Reece Vogel, Abhishek Keerthi & Jasmine Osler. “Sebastian is at the end of his rope. Tired …
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Otome Jam – Part Two

Otome Jam – Part One
“Deliver Us From Evil” by Galen Games (Crysil), Jess Rico Hatton, LunaMakaio, Crystal, Ednar Pinho, Ayael, Rowanty, FallRight, Foleso, Alli, Leporine, Ashe Thurman, Ryan Hoyle, Bradley Gareth…
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Bitsy Jam (Frog) – Part Four

Bitsy Jam (Frog), Part Four
“Krapodorey” by Peter Februar. In the best possible way, this game feels like a single-player version of “Snakes and Ladders” if it was designed by M. C. Escher. “Krapodorey” is a platformer that is filled with trapdoors and secret …
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