Awful Summer Jam 2018: Arseholevania

Screenshot of "Arseholevania"
“Arseholevania” by marbenx. “Explore the spooky castle […] as the whip-flailing and […] skateboarding hero Simon Belhawk!” This “Castlevania” parody has it all: Physics-based whip mechanics, brilliant boss fights, retro pixel art and of course skateboarding. The huge manor …
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Ludum Dare 41: Dear Clicker

Screenshot of "Dear Clicker"
“Dear Clicker” by Robert Pfeiffer. “[An] atmospheric virtual art product. […] Prepare to click a lot.” If you ever wondered what “Dear Esther” as a clicker game would be like, then “Dear Clicker” will now give you the answer …
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Unicorn Game Jam: Cutie Unicorn

Screenshot of "Cutie Unicorn"
“Cutie Unicorn” by Greynvi. “[A] lovely little adventure through a secret forest!” Have fun in the forest! Collect apples, oranges and donuts! Talk with your cute, cuddly friends! Kill Satan and God! Wait, what? “Cutie Unicorn” is a short …
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Ludum Dare 39: Trump Card

Screenshot of "Trump Card"
“Trump Card” by SideSplitter & rtsonneveld. “Do you think you can make better decisions than Donald Trump? […] [In this simulation game] you are […] [the president of the United States].” “Trump Card” is a pretty accurate ‘simulation’ game, where…
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Ludum Dare 35: Shape Shifters Inc

Screenshot of "Shape Shifters Inc"
“Shape Shifters Inc” by Rox Flame. “Shift gleeful shapes with efficiency, grace, and self loathing whilst your villainous overlord of a boss cuts your pay at an ever increasing rate. Earn your way to freedom. […] How much debt …
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Ludum Dare 35: HEXCORP- The Shape People

Screenshot of "HEXCORP- The Shape People"
“HEXCORP- The Shape People” by Nebulaic Toaster. “Make shapes to contract, interact with your manager. Expect the unexpected.” Is “HEXCORP- The Shape People” just a strange alternative game? Is it an intellectual capitalism critique? Is it… Spiderman? That is …
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Game Jolt GDC Jam: The Future Of Gaming

Screenshot of "The Future Of Gaming"
“The Future Of Gaming” by Diptoman Mukherjee, Joel Montpetit & Pranjal Bisht. “[A] hardcore puzzle/speedrunning platformer about virtual and real realities.” Ever thought of how gaming will change with virtual reality technology? If we can believe that amazing puzzle …
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Ludum Dare 34: Idol Hands

Screenshot of "Idol Hands"
“Idol Hands” by Landon Podbielski. “Manage an [i]dol agency with nothing but your bare hands.” Lead an agency to victory or to the ruin without any spoken word. “Idol Hands” features an hilarious soundtrack, great pixel art and wacky …
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