GBJAM 4: Cuckoo Castle

Screenshot of "Cuckoo Castle"
“Cuckoo Castle” by Shannon Mason, Diane de Wilde & Richard Lems. “[A] mini-metroidvania. […] Rescue new heroes and battle your way to the highest tower[.]” Its flawless controls and animations, the adorable pixel art as well as the …
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GBJAM 2: Plant Cat: First Blossom

Screenshot of "Plant Cat: First Blossom"
“Plant Cat: First Blossom” by flashygoodness, Shannon Mason, potato-tan, Kenju & Pix3M. “Use your magnificent seed-planting techniques to eradicate the high mountains that block your way!” The visuals of “Plant Cat: First Blossom” are super cute, …
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Indies VS Gamers: Wibble Wobble

Screenshot of "Wibble Wobble"
“Wibble Wobble” by Daniel Linssen & Shannon Mason. “[Collect] stars to boost your score multiplier[.] [Avoid] hazards, stay alive and get a high score[.]” “Wibble Wobble” is about reaching stars to get points, but the level is not grounded. …
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