CGA JAM: Pistol Packin’ Possum

Screenshot of "Pistol Packin' Possum"
“Pistol Packin’ Possum” by Ismail Hassan. “Pistol Packin’ Possum […] will have to take down [six] of the baddest baddies the world has ever seen.” “Pistol Packin’ Possum” has returned to the quiet sun-baked town of Tumbleweed, awaiting him …
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GBJAM 6: RoboBlaster

Screenshot of "RoboBlaster"
“RoboBlaster” by rxi & Daniel Moreno. “[A short] action platformer game.” Not only does the action platformer “RoboBlaster” feel visually as well as musically indeed like a highly polished Game Boy game, but also the gameplay and boss design …
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Ludum Dare 42: Reasonable Claustrophobia

Screenshot of "Reasonable Claustrophobia"
“Reasonable Claustrophobia” by SkullPixel & Clockwise2000. “The [aliens] […] have built themselves a claustrophobic base! Kill them and their leader before they keep building these counter-intuitive monoliths!” “Reasonable Claustrophobia” is not only a puzzle shooter with some amazing old-school …
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Ludum Dare 42: HANA

Screenshot of "HANA"
“HANA” by Brandon Yu & Zenson Ng. The puzzle shooter “HANA” does not only feature a colorful, sweet visual style, it also has shooting mechanics implemented, which are not used to kill any enemies. Instead, there are several differently colored …
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#LOWREZJAM 2018: Meteorite

Screenshot of "Meteorite"
“Meteorite” by bauxite. “Explore a facility on a far away planet, find gun upgrades, and upgrade your movement capabilities to surpass previously unsurmountable obstacles.” “Meteorite” is a metroidvania inspired by “Metroid Prime”, which gets played from the first-person …
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Ludum Dare 42: ground_0

Screenshot of "ground_0"
“ground_0” by Jamison Schuster. “[The] earth you stand on is your ammunition. Absorb dirt particles to power your weapon! If [you are] not careful, [you will] run out of the ground beneath your feet and fall to your death.”…
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2 Colors Game Jam: Alien Arrow Attack

Screenshot of "Alien Arrow Attack"
“Alien Arrow Attack” by Chris Holtshouser. “[A fast-paced] arcade game where players must quickly plan and predict the movement of enemies to defeat them with their arrow.” In “Alien Arrow Attack”, you must usually eliminate all enemies per level by …
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Meta Game Jam: Daisy Dangerous

Screenshot of "Daisy Dangerous"
“Daisy Dangerous” by securas. “[An action puzzle] platformer[.] Daisy is [on] a quest to rid the land of the invading alien sentient machines. Guide her across the multiple traps laid out along the way to reach the machine overlord, …
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