StartupCities Game Jam: Volcano Snek

Screenshot of "Volcano Snek"
“Volcano Snek” by JUSTCAMH & ClockMaker. “The volcano wants to erupt. The snake wants to escape. Slither around and bonk walls to raise the lava level. Collect some new abilities to solve […] puzzles.” Admittedly “Volcano Snek” has a …
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Ludum Dare 42: .S

Screenshot of ".S"
“.S” by torcado. “[A “Snake”] platformer[.]” The concept of “.S” is as simple as it is ingenious: You control a snake that has to eat all the pellets in a level to activate the exit. But just like in …
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No More Sweden 2018: Chnakess

Screenshot of "Chnakess"
“Chnakess” by Arvi Teikari. “[You are] a snake. […] Try to eat the chess pieces; [they will] try to escape using their respective movement styles.” In this turn-based version of “Snake”, you must eat all the chess pieces …
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GDL May Jam: Snake Blocks

Screenshot of "Snake Blocks"
“Snake Blocks” by Steven Miller. “Eat apples to grow[.] Push snakes onto an activation tile to control them[.] Cover all red tiles to complete a level[.]” “Snake Blocks” combines the growing by eating mechanic of “Snake” with a …
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Ludum Dare 34: The Serpent’s Shadow

Screenshot of "The Serpent’s Shadow"
“The Serpent’s Shadow” by Antoine Zanuttini. “Parts of lit areas can be turned to grass once isolated from light using your snake body. […] There are rabbit holes, so lure rabbits outside by growing grass around them.” “The Serpent’s Shadow” …
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Mini Ludum Dare 63: Snakoban

Screenshot of "Snakoban"
“Snakoban” by Friedrich Hanisch. “Snake [plus] Sokoban[.]” Two classic games combined in one: “Snakoban” nailed the the theme of the sixty-third Mini Ludum Dare – which was “Fusion” – by combining the gameplay of “Snake” and “Sokoban”. The ten …
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