Marathon Jam: Devil’s Handshake

Screenshot of "Devil's Handshake"
“Devil’s Handshake” by gripgrap. “In this [brain busting] tile-based puzzle game, traditional [four-directional] movement is something you [should not] take for granted. Activate the powers imbued in each of your several arms in order to push and drag yourself around…
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7dfps 2020: SUPER IS HOT

Screenshot of "SUPER IS HOT"
“SUPER IS HOT” by Younès Rabii. “[A “SUPERHOT” x “Baba Is You”] crossover game[.] Break the rules of time and rearrange them to get yourself out of tricky situations.” The first month of the jam year 2021 starts …
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Brackeys Game Jam 2020.1: Cutout

Screenshot of "Cutout"
“Cutout” by Nikita Tsarev. “[A] challenging [“Sokoban”-like] puzzle game but with a twist: [You] can cut holes in the level and then attach them back wherever you like.” My brain melt into a black mush after playing …
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Baba Is You

Screenshot of "Baba Is You"
“Baba Is You” by Arvi Teikari, Mathias Kærlev, Martin Kvale, Niilo Takalainen, Aaro Teikari, Sara Cascianelli, Hiago Kanomata, Zeno van Ditzhuijzen, Aurora Robb Kristiansen, Vile Lasagna, HLongNV, Eva Jany, Pepperonisecret, …
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GMTK Game Jam 2019: One Action Heroes

Screenshot of "One Action Heroes"
“One Action Heroes” by Tapehead Games (Sebastian Landinger & Waldemar Umaniz). “Our brave heroes must move through a winding dungeon. Traps doors small alleys in front of them! Every single one of the heroes can perform [only one] …
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GMTK Game Jam 2019: One Screen Border

Screenshot of "One Screen Border"
“One Screen Border” by Spleeen. “Puzzle around the game’s border, which blocks your every move.” With “One Screen Border”, a real brain twister awaits you. All the dotted tiles of this forest cannot be seen by your character, therefore, you…
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Ludum Dare 42: Overwrite

Screenshot of "Overwrite"
“Overwrite” by Steven Miller. “Push batteries and open gates[.] Take pictures and change your surroundings[.] Restore power[.]” As an artificially conscious camera, you need to solve some very special puzzles in “Overwrite”: By taking three to three tiles big …
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GDL May Jam: Snake Blocks

Screenshot of "Snake Blocks"
“Snake Blocks” by Steven Miller. “Eat apples to grow[.] Push snakes onto an activation tile to control them[.] Cover all red tiles to complete a level[.]” “Snake Blocks” combines the growing by eating mechanic of “Snake” with a …
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The HEART JAM: big sword fantasy story

Screenshot of "big sword fantasy story"
“big sword fantasy story” by Henry Schneider & Charlie Arleth. “[Play] as a […] character [in a Japanese role-playing game,] wielding a comically large sword in a comically small dungeon. […] Help him escape by solving puzzles while also managing…
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