2018 Spring Unreal Engine 4 Jam: SKYWARD

Screenshot of "SKYWARD"
“SKYWARD” by Tyler Cowan & Roger Bilodeau. “[A] short obstacle course game in which you play as a transforming ball.” The ball you control in “SKYWARD” has three different transformation options. For one, it can transform into a ball with…
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Ludum Dare 41: TASball

Screenshot of "TASball"
“TASball” by Amos Wenger. “[A] tool-assisted pinball[,] […] clicker [and] […] programming game hybrid. […] Wash windows and mow lawns to afford [to attend] Pinball tournaments. Write [artificial intelligences] for Pinball tournaments to earn more money. Buy faster [central …
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Ludum Dare 40: Fox Flares

Screenshot of "Fox Flares"
“Fox Flares” by Dan Lin. “You are a fox that is spontaneously combusting. Try to find some water to alleviate the pains of this life. A platformer with some timing elements.” The premise of “Fox Flares” is awesome, because …
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Ludum Dare 36: Loco Motion

Screenshot of "Loco Motion"
“Loco Motion” by Josia Roncancio. “Draw wheels on your vehicle and see how fast you can beat the obstacle course.” “Loco Motion” is a fun game to both play and watch! Draw wheels, feet, hooks or anything you like …
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Game Jolt GDC Jam: The Future Of Gaming

Screenshot of "The Future Of Gaming"
“The Future Of Gaming” by Diptoman Mukherjee, Joel Montpetit & Pranjal Bisht. “[A] hardcore puzzle/speedrunning platformer about virtual and real realities.” Ever thought of how gaming will change with virtual reality technology? If we can believe that amazing puzzle …
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