Ludum Dare 26: Lunar Rain

Screenshot of "Lunar Rain"
“Lunar Rain” by Stefan Srb. “A short [a]dventure [g]ame about a girl […] who has gone to the [m]oon to find answers but soon has to decide what’s important to her.” It’s interesting what kind of atmosphere you can …
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Ludum Dare 26: Persist

Screenshot of "Persist"
“Persist” by Jussi Simpanen. “As you trek deeper into the dungeon, you lose your skills one by one, making your quest more and more dangerous.” “Persist” is a wonderful story about forgiveness and sacrifices in ludic form. The platformer …
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Ludum Dare 27: The only one

Screenshot of "The only one"
“The only one” by Joep Aben. “When a teleportation device breaks, a scientist gets stuck in a pattern he can’t get out of.” Wonderful pixel art combined with a tragic, but also hopeful story: A scientist lost his wife …
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Ludum Dare 28: The Hotdog Parable

Screenshot of "The Hotdog Parable"
“The Hotdog Parable” by Francesco Alessi, Giuseppe Giordano, Daniele Piscitello & Matteo Gagliardi. “[C]an you build a fast-food empire with just a dollar and an hotdog shack?” “The Hotdog Parable” is an economy simulation with a little …
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Ludum Dare 28: Tall Grass

Screenshot of "Tall Grass"
“Tall Grass” by Felipe Dal Molin & Cauafs. “You gotta catch them all, says the TV[.] […] But your personal urges are different. You just want to have one true good friend. Someone to play ball with and adventure into …
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Cyberpunk Jam: VA-11 Hall-A

Screenshot of "VA-11 Hall-A"
“VA-11 Hall-A” by Sukeban Games, Fer Fer, kiririn51 & Michael Kelly. “Cyberpunk [b]artender [a]ction[.]” Everything about “VA-11 Hall-A” feels great: The cyberpunk atmosphere, the bartender mechanics, the well-written dialogues and the whole audiovisual representation. You’ll even love …
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Ludum Dare 29: I Remember Alice

Screenshot of "I Remember Alice"
“I Remember Alice” by Linus Lindberg. “[A] game about love, life and work.” “I Remember Alice” is a lovely, short narration experiment. Take three minutes and try it out; I don’t want to spoil too much. But it’s about …
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Ludum Dare 29: John

Screenshot of "John"
“John” by Diptoman Mukherjee. “[A] game about holding on to memories.” It’s interesting how much you can achieve with such minimalistic mechanics. “John” is a simple game where you have to avoid bad memories and collect the good ones, …
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Forever Jam: Second Date

Screenshot of "Second Date"
“Second Date” by Harrison Chute. “[A] romantic thriller, a text-based puzzle game, where […] you escape.” With “Second Date” Harrison Chute wrote such an intense text adventure, that I needed to replay it. PLAY…
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