Strawberry Jam 2: Inch by Inch

Screenshot of "Inch by Inch"
“Inch by Inch” by Dare Looks & LevelXProject. “You play a shrinking scientist in a race against time: Can you find all necessary formulas and ingredients to produce the antidote and stop shrinking[?] […] Processing ingredients takes valuable time …
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Strawberry Jam 1: Treasure Chest #19

Treasure Chest #19
“fox flux” by Lexy Munroe. This puzzle platformer is lovely cheeky, has some nice transformation mechanics and possibly one of the best intros made for a jam game ever. “purrrrfect pairs” by Mel Kim, Swetha Kannan & Nivetha …
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Strawberry Jam 1: Sneks Fiend

Screenshot of "Sneks Fiend"
“Sneks Fiend” by TJ Cordes & Timothy Schrock. “Punish waves of enemies using a wide range of [snake-based] maneuvers, and buy upgrades from the traveling merchant[.]” I love the pixel art, the different animations for the attack combos and …
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