Ludum Dare 46: Box Of Limes

Screenshot of "Box Of Limes"
“Box Of Limes” by RedDashGames. “This game is a mix of [“Tetris”] and [“Lemmings”.] [You] play as [an unidentified flying object] trying to help the [little “Lime”] […] to the exit door in each level.”…
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Screenshot of "Pentris"
“Pentris” by Léandre Proust, Clément Proust & Benjamin Soulé. “Each turn [you have to place] one of the two [pentominoes] assigned [and can turn them] clockwise. If you [cannot] place your [pentaminoes, you have to pass] your turn. If …
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Ludum Dare 42: Tiny Kingdom Builder

Screenshot of "Tiny Kingdom Builder"
“Tiny Kingdom Builder” by Oddly Shaped Pixels (Renaud Despinois). “[A] small [puzzle- and scoring-based] game. It mixes mechanics from the boardgame [“Kingdomino”, “Tetris”] and [“Puyo Puyo”]! […] The objective is to try to make the bigger kingdoms in …
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Screenshot of "ARCADE OVERFLOW"
“ARCADE OVERFLOW” by Remco Burema. “Play with multiple games at once, except they all ‘listen’ to the same keys. […] Games are paused when no key is pressed.“ While many arcade games followed a simple game design and control …
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Ludum Dare 34: Sanctuary Station

Screenshot of "Sanctuary Station"
“Sanctuary Station” by Daan Broekhof. “As a benevolent [artificial intelligence] you travel the subspace folds, listening for emergency broadcasts. Where needed, you jump in and assist; and your station grows ever larger…” The amusement offered by “Sanctuary Station” – …
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Mini Ludum Dare 58: TETRONG

Screenshot of "TETRONG"
“TETRONG” by Daniël Haazen. “P[ong] mixed with T[etris] […]! Use the falling blocks as paddles, but don’t forget to put them in the right place!” Are you suffering from retronostalgiamashupiritis? “TETRONG” – a mix of “Tetris” and “Pong” – …
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Ludum Dare 32: TETRATOR

Screenshot of "TETRATOR"
“TETRATOR” by Rémy Devaux. “[A] game in which you decimate invaders from your [“Tetris”]-powered [missile launcher] bunker.” “TETRATOR” is more than a minimalistic “Tetris” clone, as it mixes tactics and reaction skills in a quite excellent way. [PLAY]…
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