Buddy Simulator 1984 DEMO

Screenshot of "Buddy Simulator 1984 DEMO"
“Buddy Simulator 1984 DEMO” by Not a Sailor Studios (Joshua Eckhart, DeMarco Scarnegie, Brandon Hesslau & Vince Weiss). “[Greetings new user!] Thanks to next-generation [artificial intelligence] technology, [“Buddy Simulator 1984″] simulates the experience of hanging out with …
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Ludum Dare 45: Fairytiles

Screenshot of "Fairytiles"
“Fairytiles” by Catie Jo & Florent. “[The] love child of a “Choose your own [adventure]” book and a game of [“Scrabble”] – choose your words wisely! Armed with only a handful of letter tiles, take a bold adventurer …
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Adventure Jam 2018: Snowspirit

Screenshot of "Snowspirit"
“Snowspirit” by Phil Fortier. “Up high in the mountains, you wake up from your summer hibernation, only to find things are not quite as you expected. […] [The] line between dream and reality is blurred as you try to …
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Ludum Dare 24: Psychiatric Evaluation

Screenshot of "Psychiatric Evaluation"
“Psychiatric Evaluation” by Felipe Alfonso, Elias Zacarias & Francisco Alcántara. “An adventure of a lonely psychiatric patient who wants to escape the asylum where he is trapped.” “Psychiatric Evaluation” is bloody brilliant. Imagine a symbiosis between the text …
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Forever Jam: Second Date

Screenshot of "Second Date"
“Second Date” by Harrison Chute. “[A] romantic thriller, a text-based puzzle game, where […] you escape.” With “Second Date”, Harrison Chute has written such an intense text adventure that I absolutely had to play it again. [PLAY]…
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Ludum Dare 30: Capsule

Screenshot of "Capsule"
“Capsule” by PaperBlurt. “Alone. In space. A vessel the size of Wales, floating through the endless night. You are the keeper of millions of people. But what might be happening in Sector 24-R?” “Capsule” is a great example of …
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