Tangle Tower

Screenshot of "Tangle Tower"
“Tangle Tower” by SFB Games (Tom Vian & Adam Vian), Catherine Unger, Jonathan Harris, Calum Bowen, Kimlinh Tran, Edwyn Tiong, Amber Lee Connors, Doug Stone, John Mondelli, Faye Mata, Sarah Anne …
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Adventure Jam 2015: Theropods

Screenshot of "Theropods"
“Theropods” by Sarah Duffield-Harding, SeethingSwarm, Zach Striefel, Kai Skrotzki, Tiana Camacho & Kostas Skiftas. “Regroup with your companions while coming face to face with hungry dinosaurs in a prehistoric jungle.” The audiovisual presentation of “Theropods” is …
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