Screenshot of "simmiland"
“simmiland” by Sokpop Collective (Aran Koning, Tijmen Tio, Tom van den Boogaart & rubna). “[A godlike] card game. [You] create a new world and can play cards until the apocalypse comes. [How] far will your civilization …
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Ludum Dare 38: Echo Lands

Screenshot of "Echo Lands"
“Echo Lands” by Tijmen Tio. “[A] roguelike game where the land you stand on gets smaller everytime you get hit. When you fall off you lose.” “Echo Lands” is a hilarious game, which reminds me a bit of the …
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Ludum Dare 29: Kalahari Babysitter

Screenshot of "Kalahari Babysitter"
“Kalahari Babysitter” by Tijmen Tio. “Energetic youngster meerkat has to babysit his little sisters and protect them from vultures while their parents are off to see a concert.” The one button controls of “Kalahari Babysitter” are fun as hell! …
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