Jettomero: Hero of the Universe

Screenshot of "Jettomero: Hero of the Universe"
“Jettomero: Hero of the Universe” by Gabriel Koenig. “Play as Jettomero, a giant, indestructible, and incredibly clumsy robot determined to save the human race. Explore a procedurally generated universe by flying through space and landing on planets while trying …
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And yet it hurt

Screenshot of "And yet it hurt"
“And yet it hurt” by Daniël Haazen. “[A] game about a kid who lived a peaceful and happy life with two lovely parents. All was well, until that fateful day when the tower bell rang. Since that day, this …
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Global Game Jam 2020: REBIND TYPER

Screenshot of "REBIND TYPER"
“REBIND TYPER” by Chris Choi, Siu Man Ho & Kwok Chun Yau. “[A] typing game which forces you to rebind keyboard keys to other keys.” Inspired by the retro arcade game “Missile Command”, you have to shoot down your …
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Global Game Jam 2020: Leximan

Screenshot of "Leximan"
“Leximan” by Knights Of Borria (Max Amaden, Christopher Jones & Jake Whittaker). “Leximan is but a humble leximancer – a word wizard, of sorts. […] [However], his prized [book of spells] has been torn to shreds by …
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Global Game Jam 2020: Damnation

Screenshot of "Damnation"
“Damnation” by Piotr Apostel. “A bullet hell game with a risky healing mechanic. The better you play, the harder the game pushes back and the more painful the potential failure is. […] [You] can overheal to accelerate your combo …
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Typoman: Revised

Screenshot of "Typoman: Revised"
“Typoman: Revised” by Brainseed Factory, Bilal Chbib, Lea Dickert, Zein Okko, Florian Wurth, SonicPicnic, Andy Robson, Arton Rexhëbogaj, Lino Morales, Gerd Mömken, Oleg Gorshkov, Simon Kickartz, Yorick Goldewijk, Tuur Hendrikx, Stefan Leertouwer, Wouter …
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Ludum Dare 45: Fairytiles

Screenshot of "Fairytiles"
“Fairytiles” by Catie Jo & Florent. “[The] love child of a “Choose your own [adventure]” book and a game of [“Scrabble”] – choose your words wisely! Armed with only a handful of letter tiles, take a bold adventurer …
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Ludum Dare 45: You Lose. Good Day, Sir.

Screenshot of "You Lose. Good Day, Sir."
“You Lose. Good Day, Sir.” by Meredith Chen, SheldonZS, Henna Ahvenniemi, Weeping Jester, Jarkko Ahvenniemi, Keladry & Gryphon_Man. “You start with [nothing]. Plus your [“Scrabble”]-solving mind. And an angry armadillo. How many words can you make? Will any …
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