Ludum Dare 44: SACRIFIGHTS

Screenshot of "SACRIFIGHTS"
“SACRIFIGHTS” by Francis Coulombe, Lumpy & CBoyardee. “Summon a series of nightmarish monsters to battle with in this horror action game. Will you gather enough [arcane power] in [seven] days to repay your debt […] [or] will you …
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Awful Summer Jam 2018: Arseholevania

Screenshot of "Arseholevania"
“Arseholevania” by marbenx. “Explore the spooky castle […] as the whip-flailing and […] skateboarding hero Simon Belhawk!” This “Castlevania” parody has it all: Physics-based whip mechanics, brilliant boss fights, retro pixel art and of course skateboarding. The huge manor …
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TOJam 2018: Soul Train

Screenshot of "Soul Train"
“Soul Train” by Max Manco, Laura Klamot, Sedona Parnham & Matt Carr. If you fancy bad puns about bones and want to support the journey of six undeads through different cemeteries, then this jam game is waiting for …
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Ludum Dare 41: Tempo Quest

Screenshot of "Tempo Quest"
“Tempo Quest” by Bruno de Chazelles, Alexis de Chazelles & Théo Moyen. “[A roguelike] mixed with [the] Dance [Dance Revolution] mechanic[.]” The most wonderful thing about “Tempo Quest” is the smooth rhythm gameplay. You have to play your instrument …
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Game In A Week #2: Purgatorium

Screenshot of "Purgatorium"
“Purgatorium” by Zenry Matsuoka & Jakob Schuster. “A short puzzle game about ascending through purgatory and coming back to life. Journey through all the levels of the underworld to make it back to the land of the living by manipulating …
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7DRL Challenge 2018: Patient Rogue

Screenshot of "Patient Rogue"
“Patient Rogue” by Oleg Dolya. “A roguelite card-based game[.]” The smooth gameplay of “Patient Rogue” has its core in the intuitive, easy to use card game interface. You can fight with your weapons by dragging and dropping them on …
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7DRL Challenge 2018: Zombie Rogue

Screenshot of "Zombie Rogue"
“Zombie Rogue” by gamefish. “[A] turn-based survival and strategy game […] [with a] zombie apocalypse [setting.]” What fascinates me about “Zombie Rogue” is not the relatively high amount of different weapons and items that were implemented or the neat background…
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Ludum Dare 39: Abandon Ship

Screenshot of "Abandon Ship"
“Abandon Ship” by Jack Folkner & Martin Jencka. “Hijack people with your nanomachines for as long as you can to bring the scavenger’s battery back to the core. […] Use the ships systems to your advantage with the power …
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