Foxhunt (Chapter 1)

Screenshot of "Foxhunt"
“Foxhunt (Chapter 1)” by Henning Koczy & Max Berghaus. “An atmospheric […] [first-person] puzzle game based on clues left by the enigmatic [fox]… [Are] you clever enough to meet him and escape this deathless, dimensionless, cold white desert?” You awake in…
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The Zium Garden (2018)

Screenshot of "The Zium Garden (2018)"
“The Zium Garden (2018)” by Alivia Horsley, Belinda Zoller, Benjamin Gattet, Benjamin Vedrenne, Charlie Stone, Charlit Floriano, Chris Chappelear, Colorfiction, Daniel P. Lopez, Dziff, Dorian Beaugendre, Easton Self, …
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The Zium Museum (2017)

Screenshot of "The Zium Museum (2017)"
“The Zium Museum (2017)” by Alamantus, Alivia Horsley, Alphagravy, Charlie Stone, Conor Mccann, Cosmo D, Dan Emmerson, Eli Rainsberry, Farah Coculuzzi, G.P. Lackey, Gareth Damian Martin, George Buckenham, …
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The Pedestrian

Screenshot of "The Pedestrian"
“The Pedestrian” by Skookum Arts. “Use creativity to rearrange and connect the signs to create a path to continue your journey. The Pedestrian must use his creative ability and puzzle-solving skills to avoid and overcome obstacles in the signs.”…
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Bird Of Passage

Screenshot of "Bird Of Passage"
“Bird Of Passage” by Space Backyard (Alessandro Arcidiacono, Simone Tranchina, Maddalena Grattarola & Gianluca Pandolfo) & Emilio Pozzolini. “[A] free night ride across Tokyo. By playing it, you will be granted access to the private conversations …
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Later Alligator

Screenshot of "Later Alligator"
“Later Alligator” by SmallBu Animation (Lindsay Small-Butera & Alex Small-Butera), Pillow Fight Games (Conrad Kreyling & Jo Kreyling), Matt Hopkins, Ian Worthington, James Dowdell, Christopher D. Russell, Tracy Flanders & Joe Wang. “[This game] tells the …
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Football Drama

Screenshot of "Football Drama"
“Football Drama” by Pietro Polsinelli, Pino Panzarella, Daniele Giardini, Matteo Bicocchi & Marta Ascari. “[You] are Rocco Galliano, the Marseillaise new manager of Calchester Assembled Football Club. […] Chances that you can make it through a full …
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The Painter

Screenshot of "The Painter"
“The Painter” by Antonia Kiili, Embla Fröberg, Jesper Bentzer, Chloë Dunn-Asselin, Daniel Nyberg, Alexander Wedman, Victor Jespersen, Beatrice Karlsson, Kevin Fransson, Attila Herczeg & Mikael Karlsson. “Jump from painting to painting to unravel the dark story of a family. Remove the smudges to …
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Midnight Scenes

Screenshot of "Midnight Scenes"
“Midnight Scenes Ep. 1: The Highway” and “Midnight Scenes Ep. 2: The Goodbye Note” by Octavi Navarro. “[A] series of short horror tales with adventure elements[.]” “Midnight Scenes” is a series of short point and click adventures with a “The Twilight …
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