Global Game Jam 2018: Static Breach

Screenshot of "Static Breach"
“Static Breach” by Nils Slijkerman, Friso Roolvink, Rando Wiltschek, Jip Sterk & Mitchel Bonnema. “[A fast-paced] stealth game, where you avoid the eyes of an entity called The Message controlling all of humanity. Levels have a number of …
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Ludum Dare 38: Signal?

Screenshot of "Signal?"
“Signal?” by Thomas Purnell. “[Enter the world of the poor quality video cassette recorder. Such wonders await beyond the blue door. Can you find the code? Rewind time. Shoot at television screens.]” “Signal?” is wonderful in its very own …
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Ludum Dare 36: Retro YouTube Simulator

Screenshot of "Retro YouTube Simulator"
“Retro YouTube Simulator” by Robyn Lovett & Albert Ivanov. “YouTube as it should have been in 1986[.]” “Retro YouTube Simulator” uses the theme of the thirty-sixth Ludum Dare, which was “Ancient Technology”, in a fantastic way by asking how …
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