Night Running

Screenshot of "Night Running"
“Night Running” by Zheng Fang. “[A] video game about softness, hardness, opaqueness, transparency, sex, violence, love, hate, confusion, and misinterpretation.” Misinterpretation is one of the themes “Night Running” deals with, and so it may very well be that my own…
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Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking

Screenshot of "Museums of Mechanics: Lockpicking"
“Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking” by Dim Bulb Games (Johnnemann Nordhagen) & Lysandra Nelson. “[A] browsable, playable collection of lockpicking mechanics from various games. The intended audience is game developers looking to explore the range of lockpicking mechanics …
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The Zium Garden (2018)

Screenshot of "The Zium Garden (2018)"
“The Zium Garden (2018)” by Alivia Horsley, Belinda Zoller, Benjamin Gattet, Benjamin Vedrenne, Charlie Stone, Charlit Floriano, Chris Chappelear, Colorfiction, Daniel P. Lopez, Dziff, Dorian Beaugendre, Easton Self, …
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The Zium Museum (2017)

Screenshot of "The Zium Museum (2017)"
“The Zium Museum (2017)” by Alamantus, Alivia Horsley, Alphagravy, Charlie Stone, Conor Mccann, Cosmo D, Dan Emmerson, Eli Rainsberry, Farah Coculuzzi, G.P. Lackey, Gareth Damian Martin, George Buckenham, …
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Neo-Brutalism of Tomorrow

Screenshot of "Neo-Brutalism of Tomorrow"
“Neo-Brutalism of Tomorrow” by Moshe Linke. “A virtual art gallery. […] [This game] explores the idea of the space itself being the main experience. How visitors explore the architecture without any direction or guidance. How natural light and shadows can …
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trans gal jam 2: The Tour

Screenshot of "The Tour"
“The Tour” by AzzyGames, Serrated Skies, Glassy, Chloe Stratton, Lydia & Katie. “A virtual museum of identity and [self-reflection.] Content [warning: themes of gender dysphoria, depression] and [suicidal thoughts.]” Important note:If you have suicidal thoughts, please get psychological …
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Jam for Change: #ART

Screenshot of "#ART"
“#ART” by Luis Díaz Peralta. “Make art with up to [eighteen] players and fill an art gallery as you listen to classical music[.]” In “#ART”, it does not matter if you are a genius artist or if you can …
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Gr8ArtGames – Brazil: A.M.E

Screenshot of "A.M.E"
“A.M.E” by Giulia Yamasaki, Thiago Dametto, Maria Fernanda & José Wilson. “A digital [exhibition], where the works are intimate and real reports of remarkable affective experiences.” I love this idea of a community project about emotions. Here, you simply …
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Ludum Dare 36: The Museum of Time

Screenshot of "The Museum of Time"
“The Museum of Time” by Gary Napper & Nikola Napper. “Journey through the museum to discover all the ancient technologies that are now obsolete and discover the truth behind the museum.” Take a little walk through “The Museum of …
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