Desktop Goose

Screenshot of "Desktop Goose"
“Desktop Goose” by Samperson. “[He will] nab your mouse, track mud on your screen[,] […] [leave] you a message, deliver you memes? Play video games with a desktop buddy who will attack you if you poke him. Fill out …
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Haunted Garage

Screenshot of "Haunted Garage"
“Haunted Garage” by Games For Ghosts (Richard Pieterse). “[An] experimental music making adventure game[.]” “Haunted Garage” consists of two different games, packed into one: It is partly an adventure game, where you have to find hidden objects – …
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LOWREZJAM 2019: Poly-60

Screenshot of "Poly-60"
“Poly-60” by Ferran Bertomeu Castells & YenTing Lo. “Explore polymetric rhythms or try to puzzle the top display’s holes.” Great audio games are hard to find, but great audio puzzle games are an absolute rarity! In “Poly-60”, you can …
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Ludum Dare 38: IN CHARACTER

Screenshot of "IN CHARACTER"
“IN CHARACTER” by Landon Podbielski. “[Make] some friends and then help develop your friends friends[.]” “IN CHARACTER” is simply delightful, as it lets you draw characters and fan art for the characters other people created, get comments and responses, …
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Ludum Dare 38: Planetone

Screenshot of "Planetone"
“Planetone” by Michael Shillingburg. “[A] planetary music sequencer in which players grow plants to create melodies.” I was drawn at first to “Planetone” by its incredibly vibrant graphics, but what I discovered when I launched it was even more …
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Train Jam 2017: Hex House

Screenshot of "Hex House"
“Hex House” by Becca Hallstedt, Sebastian Gosztyla, Chris Wade & Grey Davenport. “[A] haunted [toy box] filled with secrets!” “Hex House” is a super cute, little puzzle toy, where some secrets are hidden inside a bewitched house. …
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Ludum Dare 37: Walkie Talkie

Screenshot of "Walkie Talkie"
“Walkie Talkie” by Daniel Linssen​. “Send messages[.] Receive messages[.] Play messages[.]” The whole concept is utterly brilliant: “Walkie Talkie” is a small, playable chat system, as all the letters and characters become elements of a platformer level. Think of …
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YOUjam: T H E YV

Screenshot of "T H E YV"
“T H E YV” by Thana Orchard. “[A]n interactive art piece. Place tribute items into the spheres to awaken the gods. Watch them, listen to them, that is all.” “T H E YV” was a submission for the YOUjam, …
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