Ludum Dare 30: Rude Bear RPG

Screenshot of "Rude Bear RPG"
“Rude Bear RPG” by Alex Rose. Alex Rose is crazy – I love him! He is like the Weird Al Yankovic of game development, because he mixes up every element he likes, he does great parodies, and you can …
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Ludum Dare 30: Belammert

Screenshot of "Belammert"
“Belammert“ by Sebastian Reuther, Thomas Terebesi & Timo Radzik. “Sheepy, the master of men and islands[,] […] connects the islands to influence the population and climate.” In a world where a sheep is a god, unexpected things …
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Ludum Dare 32: Nimble Forge

Screenshot of "Nimble Forge"
“Nimble Forge” by Endel Dreyer, Epa Neto, Sérgio Tomo & Maíra Testa. “[A] ridiculous quest about an experienced blacksmith trying to perform miracles.” “Nimble Forge” is pure, silly crafting fun! Are burning dolls or chocolate carrots good weapons? …
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