Ludum Dare 49: Jingoku

Screenshot of "Jingoku"
“Jingoku” by Mathew Arnold, Niru Fekri-Arnold & William L-S. “[Complete] as many minigames as you can before the tower collapses!” The first look at “Jingoku” usually creates a wrong impression, as one might be tempted to consider it a …
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The HEART JAM: Duck Jam

Screenshot of "Duck Jam"
“Duck Jam” by Adam Worrell, Thimz, Grant Brown & Oscar Gonzalez. “[A] flurry of [minigames,] all lasting [five] seconds each. […] Each game is […] independent from each other[.] […] What keeps them all […] together is …
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Global Game Jam 2016: Ritual Ware

Screenshot of "Ritual Ware"
“Ritual Ware” by Henry Saal, Daum Park & Jiyeon Jung. “Follow the daily ritual of a regular human being who in no way is a demon. Partake in the standard working mans daily tasks including waking up, picking nose …
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Ludum Dare 34: Button Betting

Screenshot of "Button Betting"
“Button Betting” by torcado. “You find yourself trapped, chained to a desk with [two buttons] in front of you. Play through each of the challenges to get to the [money game], then bet your hands off trying to [get …
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Ludum Dare 34: Grow Your Love

Screenshot of "Grow Your Love"
“Grow Your Love” by Cocoa Moss (DDRKirby(ISQ) & Kat Jia). “A short collection of games about […] growing love.” “Grow Your Love” really touched my heart. It is built like a “WarioWare”-esque collection of all the sweet moments …
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Ludum Dare 33: Monster Academy

Screenshot of "Monster Academy"
“Monster Academy” by Diego F. Goberna. “Are you a good [m]onster? Prepare your mouse for some lessons!” “Monster Academy” is like a cute version of “WarioWare” with a pretty special setting. Learn how to smash bugs, bite people, shoot …
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