Through the Darkest of Times

Screenshot of "Through The Darkest of Times"
“Through the Darkest of Times” by Paintbucket Games (Jörg Friedrich, Sebastian St. Schulz, Almut Schwacke, Jan-Dirk Verbeek, Vivian Maria Köhler, Jonathan Witt, Andrew Nolen, Marina Hillinger & Julia Sittmann), The Rufus Temple Orchestra (Johannes Böhmer, Bastian …
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Global Game Jam 2018: Telegraph

Screenshot of "Telegraph"
“Telegraph” by Brian Dean Jennings, Cassandra Jade Gray & Michael McDonald. “Using nothing but telegrams follow the relationship between a school teacher in Belfast and her wayward partner, one of the volunteer Irish soldiers serving in the British Army …
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Talking Simulator: nuprahtor

Talking Simulator: Nuprahtor
When you play the games made by nuprahtor, you might have the impression that they are made by a crazy, even mad person: They often involve war scenarios, they are about living guns as well as obscure, spooky …
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Ludum Dare 37: Behind The Wallpaper

Screenshot of "Behind The Wallpaper"
“Behind The Wallpaper” by Stefan Srb. “[A] short […] [visual novel] about a [family] that has to hide in a time of discrimination and war […] in a single room.” “Behind The Wallpaper” is simply one of the best …
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GJ Fest: Venti Mesi

Screenshot of "Venti Mesi"
“Venti Mesi” by We Are Müesli (Claudia Molinari & Matteo Pozzi), Germano Lanzoni & Francesco Fontana. “[A] collection of playable stories about Italian [r]esistance and [l]iberation from [n]azi-[f]ascism. [Twenty] fateful months (from September 1943 to April 1945), [twenty] …
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