Ludum Dare 35: Lumiania

Screenshot of "Lumiania"
“Lumiania” by Yword. “Lumiania” is a well-designed short metroidvania platformer where you must find the abilities of double jumping, strength, fighting and turning into a small sphere as well as into a fast rocket. The visuals are stunning as well.…
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Indies VS Gamers: Eko

Screenshot of "Eko"
“Eko” by Yword. In “Eko”, you have to follow just one goal: To jump and run to the top in three minutes seconds. Shoot some blob monsters as well as mutants that are partly bats and partly whales, while you…
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Ludum Dare 30: The Legend of Light

Screenshot of "The Legend of Light"
“The Legend of Light” by Yword. “Play as the Hero of Light on his adventure through the world of darkness.” The lighting effects are pretty awesome, the level design feels great, and I really enjoyed the platform switch mechanics in …
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