Neo-Brutalism of Tomorrow

Screenshot of "Neo-Brutalism of Tomorrow"
“Neo-Brutalism of Tomorrow” by Moshe Linke. “A virtual art gallery. […] [This game] explores the idea of the space itself being the main experience. How visitors explore the architecture without any direction or guidance. How natural light and shadows …
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LOWREZJAM 2019: Poly-60

Screenshot of "Poly-60"
“Poly-60” by Ferran Bertomeu Castells. “Explore polymetric rhythms or try to puzzle the top display’s holes. […] [The game] has a 60-beat loop, 7 rhythm channels (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12), 6 different scales and 4 different synthesizers, …
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Fragile Soft Machines

Screenshot of "Fragile Soft Machines"
“Fragile Soft Machines” by Diane Mueller. “You were born to fly, but you never will. As a butterfly with a torn wing, traverse the land in a way you were never meant to, as you journey to find your …
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8×8 Game Jam: Inferna

Screenshot of "Inferna"
“Inferna” by Milkbar Lads (Mag & Jack). “Charge and burn your way through a labyrinthine complex as a ball of fire!” In a dark dungeon, it’s your job as a little glowing orb to find the exit. But …
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NaNoRenO 2019: Prison of Lies

Screenshot of "Prison of Lies"
“Prison of Lies” by LockedOn & OddTillTheEnd. “Four innocent prisoners on death row must decide which among them will die to meet the prison’s quota. […] [A] psychological visual novel about lies, trust, and empathy. There are four chapters, …
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Dicey Dungeons

Screenshot of "Dicey Dungeons"
“Dicey Dungeons” by Terry Cavanagh, Marlowe Dobbe, Niamh Houston, Justo Delgado Baudí, Dana Trebella & Holly Gramazio. “In this […] deckbuilding roguelike […] you’ll fight monsters, find better loot, and level up your heroes as …
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2019 Summer #ue4jam: Pencil Heart

Screenshot of "Pencil Heart"
“Pencil Heart” by SteppeHareStudio (Dmitriy Mozokhin, Zarif Kurochkin & Rinat Kurochkin). “[A] platformer, in which you play as a pencil who sacrifices himself to draw his way to love.” First I have to say that implementing puzzle platformers …
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Little Party

Screenshot of "Little Party"
“Little Party” by Turnfollow (Carter Lodwick & Ian Endsley), Scott Archer, Dan Anthony Kelly, Marissa Deitz Wall & Brian Scott. “[A short story video game about your daughter’s all-nighter party.] […] Music is a key element …
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