Ludum Dare 45: The Firebrand

Screenshot of "The Firebrand"
“The Firebrand” by DWaM & Annie Stewart. “An interrogation room. […] Who is the woman? Why is she here? What has she done? The only way to find out is to talk. Every conversation topic giving new leads to …
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Ludum Dare 45: A_semblance

Screenshot of "A_semblance"
“A_semblance” by D1gital Cuts. “A platformer where you play as a robot that’s […] being assembled.” Just like in the fantastic Ludum Dare 45 entries “Nothing” by Joellikespigs and “Unlock Everything” by Timmie Wong, “A_semblance” doesn’t hand its …
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Ludum Dare 45: Fairytiles

Screenshot of "Fairytiles"
“Fairytiles” by Catie Jo & Florent. “[T]he love child of a “Choose your own [a]dventure” book and a game of Scrabble – choose your words wisely! Armed with only a handful of letter tiles, take a bold adventurer through the journey of her …
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Ludum Dare 45: Uballto

Screenshot of "Uballto"
“Uballto” by Taro Omiya. “Welcome to […] a Linux distribution for […] distributing balls. […] [I]n this desktop environment, dialog windows are used to guide balls to their target flags. Do you have the technical wits to master this distro?”…
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Ludum Dare 45: ZERMATT: ZERO

Screenshot of "ZERMATT: ZERO"
“ZERMATT: ZERO” by FireSlash, kiririn51 & Juneji. “[A] PC-98 inspired adventure game in which you must escape the clutches of an unknown monstrosity using your wits and items you can scavenge from the ship.” It all went wrong. …
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Ludum Dare 45: You Lose. Good Day, Sir.

Screenshot of "You Lose. Good Day, Sir."
“You Lose. Good Day, Sir.” by Meredith Chen, SheldonZS, Henna Ahvenniemi, Weeping Jester, Jarkko Ahvenniemi, Keladry & Gryphon_Man. “You start with [nothing]. Plus your Scrabble-solving mind. And an angry armadillo. How many words can you make? Will any of them …
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Ludum Dare 45: Paint Rush

Screenshot of "Paint Rush"
“Paint Rush” by Louis Denizet, Romain Rope, Mathieu Clavel & Alexandre Magnat. “Crush devilish [enemies] against grounds and doors to paint your way through the game, and understand the contours of this world that seems hidden to …
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Ludum Dare 45: Nothing

Screenshot of "Nothing"
“Nothing” by Joellikespigs. “[A] short platformer where you start with nothing. Including controls.” What’s a jump’n’run without background music, a health bar or even a control scheme? Well, that’s for you to find out! “Nothing” is a charming combination …
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