SalvageJam: Suicide by Jagjaguwar

Screenshot of "Suicide by Jagjaguwar"
“Suicide by Jagjaguwar” by Mike Kleine. “A game about walking around and finding things and trying to stay alive.” You awaken to the sun beaming down on your face. You feel the cold ground pressing against your back. You …
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Ludum Dare 38: Our little island

Screenshot of "Our little island"
“Our little island” by Rick Hoppmann, Asmo & TrisNQuads. “Two […] brothers [try] to build […] a new garden on a little island. But they can only succeed if they work together.” “Our little island” is a …
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Ludum Dare 38: Planetone

Screenshot of "Planetone"
“Planetone” by Michael Shillingburg. “[A] planetary music sequencer in which players grow plants to create melodies.” I was drawn at first to “Planetone” by its incredibly vibrant graphics, but what I discovered when I launched it was even more …
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Sleepover Jam: In Tents Sleepover

Screenshot of "In Tents Sleepover"
“In Tents Sleepover” by Devon Youngbird. “A short late night experience meant to soothe the soul.” “In Tents Sleepover” is a short and endearing experience that uses the player’s innate curiosity to tell the story of a boy named …
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